Digital Transformation for banks

Keynote: “Digitale Transformation für Banken – mitspielen oder untergehen”

Im Headquarter der Deutschen Bank hat Stefan Dieffenbacher, Geschäftsführer und Gründer der Digital Leadership GmbH, am 15. Oktober 2014 die Keynote zum Thema Digitale Transformation für Banken unter dem Titel “mitspielen oder untergehen” gehalten. Der Vortrag kann auf Slideshare eingesehen werden.


Hier noch einige Bilder des Vortrages:


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Stefan Dieffenbacher
Digital Transformation design for digital strategy

Digital Strategy: what it is and why it is needed

We recently had a discussion with the country CEO of a fortune 500 and where asked how a digital strategy is actually related to a business strategy. Since we did not manage to come up with a crystal clear answer on the spot, we decided to clarify that important and complex question in the form of a larger presentation. Please see below.


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Stefan Dieffenbacher

Whitepaper: Why banks need to move if they want to own banking in the future.

The whitepaper exists in two versions: 

1/ as a Slideshare-PDF which you may view below and download or

2/ read below as an (admittedly very long) blog post

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1.       Executive Summary

Driven by the top Internet players the speed of change in the financial services market is rapidly increasing. To secure their business and generate further growth these Internet players are forced to attack additional markets and the financial services market is one of them.

They will conquer the financial services market by

  • utilizing their global customer base and advanced customer intelligence (data),
  • by connecting today separated services to an eco system using technology and delivering advanced user experience
  • and their ability to move fast.

Their entry point to the financial services market is the offering of payment services to their clients through the use of their mobile devices. Extending the functionality of wallets will challenge classical retail banking’s value proposition as these Internet companies can go far beyond classical value propositions.

Some traditional financial services companies already start to understand that the time for a change has come, as these developments will challenge their core business models in very few years. For the first time, this many large-scale companies are starting to invest in programs in large excess of €500m to become better in digital.

While huge investments are not a sufficient reaction to the challenges of the market, players that will not follow the trend will lose their current position in the next years.

Traditional bank’s service offering and channel mix needs to be further rethought and adapted, followed by a fast-paced execution to respond to today’s quickly emerging reality. Players who are not able to manifest their position in the digital channels soon will be challenged in their existence.

The strategic transition needs to be guided by a short-term tactical approach to seriously start earning money in digital. On top of the pure positive financial impact of such a tactical approach, achieving significant sales through a much stronger public website as well as data-driven up- and cross-selling measures will start a cultural shift within the bank. When executives and employees discover that suddenly the digital channels generate large amounts of money, a movement of change could be kicked off. That would be the basis to understand the urgency and the possibility to develop a guiding coalition – the start of any strong change process.


Über den Autor
Stefan Dieffenbacher